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Friday, February 18, 2011

An adventurous, fun-filled day with my favorite guy!

Today didnt start out so peachy, though. I went to step class this morning, but before I went in, I took off my wedding rings to put some lotion on my legs. Well, I usually put my rings in my lap while I do that and remember to put them back on before I get out of the car, but this time it slipped my mind just that easily. Once inside the gym, I got all of the equipment set up that I needed for class, and began working out. Well as a force of habit, I went to straighten out my rings and realized they werent on my hand. I immediately ran outside to my car and searched frantically for my rings. Couldnt find them. I looked and looked, then called Kevin all upset because I had potentially lost my precious wedding rings. He told me not to worry, we would find them. I went back and forth from the gym to the car, thinking they fell off of my shirt on the way. After going back into class and putting my equipment away, I went back out to the car do search one more time. I finally found them between the seat and center console *phewwwww*. Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack this morning!
The rest of the day got better though! Kevin only had to work a couple hours this morning, but I had him the rest of the day! We decided to go to Hickam and have lunch at the beachfront resteraunt, followed by a little laying out in the sun! Some pictures :)

Mai Tai and a Longboard (both Hawaiian products, btw)...good way to start off the afternoon!

My super handsome, hot ,sexy husband :D

Having fun with the camera!

"I dont want to burn my beautiful face!" -What Kevin said as I took this pic :)

I really heart this one!

Palm trees, blue skies, and turquoise water--you cant beat it!

I heart this one too :)
It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had a great time just relaxing! After the beach, we went over to the NEX because Kevin decided to get a mountain bike so we could ride together! The NEX didnt have any mens mountain bikes in our price range, but the nice lady at the counter called over to the BX down the road to see if they had any, and they did! So now Kevin is the proud owner of a new mountain bike! Sorry I dont have any pics of it yet, I will take one tomorrow and share then! Of course when we got home with the bike, we had to take them for a spin together! We went halfway around the airfield, down and back up both gulches (really long steep hills where the guys do PT sometimes), all the way down to the stables (about a mile down a dirt road after you get to the bottom of the big gulch), and back home. My thighs are burning, but the ride was really nice and I really enjoyed the time with Kevin! All in all, I think we biked over 5 miles this evening and it was awesome! Now that we are back home, we are pretty pooped so its up to bed we go!
Tomorrow Im really not doing anything. If its sunny I may lay out in the backyard :)
Good night folks!


  1. Beautiful pics! Y'all are so blessed to be living in Hawaii! I'm almost looking forward to all the allergies when things start blooming here! I said ALMOST! lol.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. That's scary about your ring! Glad you found it. :D

    It's great you both have bikes now!