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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day with my love

Today is Thursday, and......... Kevin had the day off!!! We started the day by sleeping in, then I went to the commissary. While I was elbow deep in the frozen veggie section, Kevin suprised me by stopping by on his way to the clothing and sales shop. We met back up at home, put the groceries away, and went to Lowes to get some stuff for Kevin. While there, I went over to the garden section to check out the types of flowers I can plant this spring. I found some that I really like, so Im going to get some large pots and start planting here soon! Ive never really planted a garden, so Im pretty excited!
I did get a chance to try out my new bike this afternoon. I just rode around the house and up and down the alleyway a bit. When I rode up the walkway to the front of my house, those weeds were staring me in the face. Remember when I said the "landscapers" never do their jobs? Well, along the construction fence, some weeds have been growing since we moved in back in October. Theyve never been cut. Let me show ya something!!!

This is what it looks like from our front porch:

This is where it gets really bad. These weeds have been neglected SO long, they have started growing what looks like miniature TOMATOES on them!!!!!

These are WEEDS. I'm planning on taking these pictures down to the community center tomorrow so that maybe, just maybe, they will have someone come out and actually do their job.

Anyway, this evening Kevin and I are hanging out watching The Shawshank Redemption. He has to work tomorrow, but only for a little bit in the morning. Im going to the gym for step class! Im very excited to be feeling better enough to jump back into my routine :) Its also going to be a house cleanin' kind of day :)


  1. Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies! Enjoy it!

  2. Those probably actually ARE tomatoes. There were a TON of people here who bought into the whole "Topsy Turvy Planter" thingie that lets you grow tomato plants from the bottom of a glorified trash bag. Well, once the hype wore off, the contraptions were quickly abandoned. Sadly, not everyone disposed of their Topsy Turvy properly and we had rouge tomato plants growing EVERYWHERE! We totally feel you on being disappointed with the landscaping crews. We have to babysit ours when they cut the grass because they will drive their mowers over ANYTHING to include but not limited to - garden hoses, decorative garden fencing and Sunday newspapers that didn't quite make it onto the driveway when the paper boy threw them. Grrr! My coupons being "recycled" into yard confetti is not my idea of a good time on Sunday morning.