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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lieutenant Dan Band!!

This evening after Kevin got out of class, we went over to Schofield to see the Lieutenant Dan Band! Theres a certain famous person in the band who plays bass. You may know him from CSI:New York and the best movie of all time "Forrest Gump"....its Gary Sinise!

Might I say, this man ROCKED on Bass!

Before I show y'all a couple of pics of the band, let me explain this next one. The two young men you see that are in tan khaki pants are Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. They spoke for a few minutes before the band came out, and it made me tear up when they were announced because people couldnt get to their feet fast enough to give these heros a standing ovation. Kevin and I wish we knew they were coming because we both want to shake their hands :)

MoH recipients :)

A couple of things about the picture below: This is Kimo Williams, an AWESOME electric guitar player, amazing singer, oh, and he is a Vietnam Veteran! Back when he was in Vietnam, he used to pick up his guitar and jam out between missions. Well, someone heard him play one day and said that since Bob Hope couldnt come onto the front lines, would he be willing to put a group together and play for some of his fellow soldiers. He said, "sure!" and has been wailing on the guitar ever since. He played "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix tonight, and THIS MAN IS TALENTED! If I had to make one suggestion to the band, it would be to let Kimo play more Hendrix! Yeah, he's THAT GOOD.

Kimo Williams, rockin' out!

The whole band!
 In the picture below, you will see several ladies up on stage. One of the singers invited ladies 18 and up to come on stage and dance to "Lady Marmoulade". I wanted to go up there, but ultimately I decided to stay with Kevin and watch, and IM KICKING MYSELF IN THE BUTT FOR IT. Why you ask?? Because each of these lovely ladies got to meet and take a picture with Gary Sinise at the conclusion of the song. Then he led each one down the steps! Yeah, I should have gone up there!

Me and my favorite guy in the whole world, rockin' out at the concert!
Let me tell you, the Lt. Dan Band is amazing, and every single one of the band members is talented! We really enjoyed the show and didnt want it to end. I cant wait until the band comes back here again. Gary Sinise is an avid supporter of our men and women in uniform and I have ridiculous amounts of respect for him. Hopefully next year (or whenever he comes back) I will get to meet him :)

Oh, during the show, there were several MP's in uniform lined up in front of the stage for crowd control and what not. Well, during the show, one of the lady vocalists leans down and tells one of them that she knows he is protecting everyone and that he is working but can he come up on stage and help her out. So he gets up on stage and the beginning of "Natural Woman" comes on. The first thing this guy says is "watch out now, Im married!" Vocalist says "thats okay, your wife told me to sing this song to you." Anyway, we find out his name is Christian, and the ladies start serenading him. It was funny and he was a good sport! I wish I would have taken pics because it was a hoot. At the end, the singer says, "your wife told me to tell you Happy Valentines Day". How sweet!

Tomorrow, Kevin and I have an early Valentines Day date! We are going down to the Hale Koa in Waikiki for a Sunday Champagne Brunch for two. After our romantic brunch, we are going to change and hang out at the beach and do a little sightseeing in Waikiki. I will have pictures tomorrow night!!

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  1. Sounds like y'all had a great time! I love Gary Sinise! He's awesome. LT. Dan! lol. Y'all have fun on your date!

    Happy early Valentine's Day!