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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ohhhh, my legssss.....

Today I went to spin class, against my better judgement. I say that because I woke up and the area from my hips down to my mid thighs was super stiff and sore. Yesterdays step class routine was fairly easy, even though I sweated like crazy. My legs were feeling normal afterwards, so I think the soreness came after I finished the lawn. I did alot of squatting and kneeling/then standing while trimming the grass along the fenceline and walkway. Like the common sense genius I am, I not only went to spin this morning, I pushed myself like I promised myself I wouldnt do. Yeah, Im not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes. Its a bummer too, because I really want to go to kickboxing tomorrow morning and my workout buddy is going to be there! If my legs are still stiff and sore, I just cant do it and expect to go to zumba on Thursday and step on Friday. *sigh* I hope the legs relax out some, Im loving this 5 day a week routine Ive started. Plus, once I get a job, Im going to have to forgo my morning classes.
After spin, I picked some Subway up for Kevin and hung out with him at the hangar for a few minutes. Then I came home and cleaned the laundry room out! I also changed the headlights and brake lights out in my car :D
I called the community office and made a complaint as well. I really didnt want to be THAT resident who makes complaints, but when my front yard and the little spot next to my car hasnt been mowed in EIGHT WEEKS, it gets annoying. Yesterday, I spent SEVERAL hours out in the yard, and the whole time, the "landscapers" sat around and chatted with each other and didnt do any damn work! I finally heard one of them with a weedeater outside the front of my house, and pardon my french, he did a HALF ASS job! It still looks like crap, and the front of the construction fence (facing my house) has weeds that have been growing since we moved in and have not been cut (they're like 4 ft tall +!) . I understand we live on the inside end, and because the construction fence is still out there no one really comes down here except for us, our neighbors, and the "landscapers", but REALLY?!?! Dont be lazy. I would still like for my yard and area to look nice. I would do it myself, but Kevin says not to because its their job and If I mow it and take care of the weeds myself then the problem will not get solved. Oh, and I was out working on the car for an hour and a half today, and the "landscapers" were right on the other side of the fence (they even had a guy come with fresh layers of sod on his truck) and all they did the whole time was listen to music and stand around talking to each other. Sod guy just parked his truck, chatted it up with his co "workers", and an hour and a half later left with the rest of them. So I complained. I felt it was justified because I'm tired of seeing these guys show up, work like 20 minutes the whole day total, then leave. They probably get paid pretty well for it too. Community center lady told me that she would forward that to her manager. I hope they have someone come out here. Whoever it is isnt going to be pleased. I will say that they are doing a great job keeping those yards that are frequently seen by Island Palm Communities staff looking really nice. Hmmmm.....

Thanks for letting me rant :D

Kevin and I were going to walk a bit around the neighborhood tonight, but we are both really tired so we went to walmart instead haha. Thankfully they didnt have what we were looking for so we were in and out! Dinners in the oven and afterwards we are heading upstairs to bed. Yeah, I dont even think I will make it to the new episode of Tosh.O, which comes on at 8pm.
Tomorrow, I may or may not go to Kickboxing, but otherwise I've got to run a couple of errands in the morning, then its off to the North Shore with my friend Samantha--we are going to check out a new tanning place :)

More tomorrow, and maybe some pictures!!

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  1. I've had such an issue with the yardworkers! They were whistling at me for some time until I complained to the community center. I mean, seriously? Whistling?