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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faucet Nose.

It stops up, leaves, then comes back. Im talking about my faucet nose. Its been running since Saturday. Its really annoying, just thought I would share. This morning, I recieved a text from Kevin that says he is going on his TDY a day early. So instead of packing tomorrow night, he has to pack up tonight. Its just like the Army to try and steal my love away from me a day early! He wont be gone long though :)
I didnt go to the gym today. To be perfectly honest, I probably wont go tomorrow either! I am going to make it to Friday morning step class though! I didnt do much today, just some more photo editing and Kevin came home early so we went to get him a haircut/get some last minute things for him to take on his trip. The only other thing we have done today is have a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Im posting a little early tonight so that we can get this packing done and head to bed. Poor Kevin has a long day tomorrow :(
After I drop off Kevin, I plan on getting right to work on my "TDY Projects", stuff I want to get accomplished while Kevin is away (I also plan on putting together a large list of stuff to do when he deploys, but thats for another post!). These "projects" include, but arent limited to: Hanging picture frames, getting wedding photos developed and placed in said frames, clearing out the spare room, re-arranging the living room, finishing the renovation on the desk, staining the benches we just pulled in from the garage, organizing all of the photos on my computer, hanging some curtains, organizing the closets in all of our bedrooms, and switching all of the contents from the upstairs hall closet (Kevins army paraphernalia) with the contents of the downstairs hall closet (boxes we save, i.e., the Christmas tree and Christmas paraphernalia, the boxes that hold the laptop, game systems, etc.). I also plan on losing 5 lbs and getting my tan on during this time :)
Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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