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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rest day :)

So last night I mentioned that my throat started getting itchy and I got the beginnings of faucet nose. Well, this morning I was still feeling really poopy. My morning consisted of laundry, orange juice, and cuddling up on the couch with my 2 favorite felines. Kevin went to Lowes for some stuff (I have another project--yay! :D ) while I slept on the couch. That extra 2 and a half hours of sleep worked wonders, because when I got up to continue the laundry, most of the stuffy feeling in my head was gone. Kevin went out again to change the oil in my car, but the car care place was closed :( He did stop and get me some NyQuil though! I freaking love my husband, he is so good to me :) My throat is still a little scratchy, but NyQuil will take care of that tonight! Since I was feeling better, I did something I've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now...I made Kevin some Chocolate Chip cookies! I even put tons of extra mini-chips in the dough, so they are extra chocolate-y!

They turned out pretty delicious! After cookies, we grilled some delicious steaks and soon we will be heading upstairs for our Sunday night shows (while folding laundry--yippee.).

Tomorrow I plan on putting some pictures up around the house and getting a final (yes, FINAL) coat of stain on the desk. It just wasnt dark enough last coat. In the afternoon, I have a girl date with my friend Chantal! Our plans? To chop down a tree that has decided to grow in her backyard! I just bought some new hedge clippers last week, and I'm pretty excited to use them!

*Oh, how do you guys like the new blog header I cooked up?? Pretty spiffy, huh? I really like how it turned out, and the best part is that I just used a photo editing program to create it and it only took me like 20 minutes! I'm also reading on how to create my own custom background for the blog as well. The makeover isn't completely done yet, but should be in the next few days :) *


  1. I am loving the new design!!!!

  2. I love the new layout! Hope your throat feels better!