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Monday, February 7, 2011

I love getting stuff done!

I get into cleaning kicks (above my normal routine cleaning) once in awhile. Today was one of those days! After step class, I got a burst of energy and organized and cleaned the kitchen, re-organized and cleaned the living room, dusted the whole house, cleaned the floors downstairs, vaccummed the first flight of stairs, cleaned up the laundry room, and did almost every piece of laundry (except the whites and theyre going in in about 5 minutes). I wanted to do the bathrooms but once Kevin got home, my motivation went away lol. Its alright, I plan on doing them tomorrow as well as.....the elusive spare room we have ignored put off doing the last few months :) I find that I get more done if I go to the gym in the morning, which is fine by me! I also got a text from a friend today that told me the place she works at is hiring. Its on post and I would be doing things similar to a travel agent. I applied right away and I really hope I get it because I could totally talk about traveling all day! It could also help in finding great things for Kevin and I to do while we are here on island :)
Tomorrow, I am going to spin class in the morning (and super stoked my workout buddy Chantal has the day off and can make it to class!) After spin, its back to the house cleaning. I really want to give the house a good scrubdown in case I get a job quickly, so Kevin and I dont feel overwhelmed when we get off of work. Oh, and putting the last coat of stain on the desk has to be squeezed in there as well *sigh*.

How was the start of your week??


  1. Sounds like you had a busy and very productive day! That's always a good thing!