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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

Kevin and I slept in today :)

After Kevin went to class, I came home and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I got all of the bathrooms cleaned, the downstairs and upstairs floors, the living room got some special much needed attention, and I deep cleaned the kitchen! I took my time, but it got done and it looks great! After Kevin got home, he made dinner (I love when he cooks!)! I feel pretty accomplished today and am anxious to get the laundry all done tomorrow so I dont have to worry about housework all next week :)
Potential bummer though--once I sat down to dinner after cleaning, I noticed my nose has started running and the back of my throat is scratchy....uh oh, Im not cool with that. My head is feeling a little stuffy too. I rarely ever get sick, and I really dont want to be sick right now either. Blah, if Im still feeling poopy tomorrow I am going down to the store to get some DayQuil because I dont have time for illnesses!
I think Im going to head upstairs and get some rest...good night yall!

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