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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boring days ahead...

One of my projects during this TDY is to get a bunch of our pictures edited and ready for processing so I can frame them and make our walls look less naked. I spent alot of the day doing this, and playing around with the features of the editor to get them just right. I'm a perfectionist, so its a slow moving process. After about 2 this afternoon, I was getting a bit of cabin fever, so I ventured out to the food court to grab a smoothie just to get out of the house! I had planned on mowing the yard today, but it rained so that (as well as my planned bike ride) was out of the equation. During my smoothie adventure, I received a call from the Scentsy consultant I ordered my warmer from. My order was in, so I dropped by her place to pick it up! I must say, I am pleased with my purchase! My kitchen smells awesome :D
I would like a couple more for our bathrooms :)
Tomorrow, I really would like to mow the yard, so I hope it isnt rainy. I plan on going on a bike ride as well, just to get some exercise. I've got a few more pictures to edit, but they should be ready to go on a CD tomorrow night so I can get them processed and hung up. Oh, and I need to do some laundry ;)

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  1. I went on a bike ride today with Dexter! Hope yours goes well!