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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life is short.... for today, because there may never be a tomorrow.

Today, while Kevin was on lunch, I hopped on the computer to check facebook and wish a couple of friends a happy birthday. What I saw on my newsfeed next was nothing short of heartbreaking and sad. A wonderful young woman named Jennifer McIntire, whom I worked with for 5 years at my last job, and who was engaged to a guy my brother has known for 12 years, was killed in a head on car crash this morning in my hometown. I couldnt believe it at first until I read the article online in my hometowns paper, and saw the picture of the car--it was her car. Jennifer was a great friend (we hung out many times outside of work), and one of the most mild mannered and sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She had been with her fiance for many years, and they had just purchased their first home together a couple of years ago. They wanted to be more financially secure before they got married and had children, but we all knew that marriage would take place eventually. Jen was only 2 years younger than me, and I wonder how this could have happened. She had so much more life to live. My heart breaks for her family, for Scott (fiance), and for Scotts family. Its an unimaginable tragedy, and Im gonna miss her terribly. Its times like these that I really really want to be back home :(

So R.I.P. "Mac-in-teezy", "Espineezy" is gonna miss you girl :(