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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slow day

I say this because it took me FOREVER to get anywhere today. I did not go to kickboxing because if it hurts to walk down your steps, its probably not a good idea to practice kicks to upbeat music for an hour! I was moving very slow today. My legs are still super stiff so walking anywhere was an adventure. I did make it to the store today as well as to the hangar to drop off some stuff for Kevin. Oh, and I got gas for the car. Filled her up for $50.00. Yeah its 3.55 a gallon here for mid-grade (cheap stuff was out!). Blah, it could be worse, it could be Hampton gas prices in 2008! 4 freaking dollars a gallon pfft.
Anyway, I took it easy today, straightened up the kitchen, and proceeded to pick up cat puke from 4 different locations in our house! All from today. Dang cats..... I think Im going to put them on another food more sensitive for their tummies. The last food worked well, but at 23 bucks per 3 lb bag, its a little out of our price range in the long term. Hopefully I find a food that works well and is wallet friendly :)
Tonight we are having dinner and Im thinking about putting warm compresses on the back of my legs to relax the muscles out a bit. I fully intend on going Zumba tomorrow morning, so we will see how that goes!
Tomorrow, its the gym then grocery shopping yay! Kevin is *supposed* to be off work, but 20 bucks says they call him in for something dumb. He said he may even join me at the gym!!

Good night folks!


  1. Zumba is tomorrow? What time? I want to try it out!

  2. Have you tried Nutro? We use it for our pups and love love love it. It is corn free so poor Vic gets to keep his beloved fur ( his allergy to corn makes him go bald) and the vet loves that we put them on it. They make cat food too and have a savings program ( and you can always find coupons to make the food more cost friendly. :) There is a $4 coupon on the site right now to get you started. I know that they sell some of the varieties at our Commissaries here which is usually the cheapest bet unless Petco has a big sale. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Hubs and I are going to try to get Hawaii for our next duty station.. keeping our fingers crossed! I went there two years ago for a few weeks and fell in LOVE. I'm reading your to do list in Hawaii. I did some of it while I was there and the rest sounds like something I need to do when I go back : ) Oh, and if your legs hurt, you know you're doing something right.. that's my motto!

    By the way, I'm giving away a really cute ring on my blog.. so you should check it out : )