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Thursday, February 24, 2011

PTA and an award!

Before I get into the events of today, I want to give a shout out to another lovely blogger to has so graciously given me an award! Thank you to Hawkerswife for giving me this award! I shall post it proudly on my page :D

Have I mentioned this is my VERY FIRST award?!?!?!? I feel so darn special!!! :D
And now to pass on the award to a few of my favorite blogs to read!

Enjoy your award, ladies!!

Today, Kevin left for 2 weeks-ish for his rotation at PTA (training on the Big Island). I say "-ish" because he is the last rotation and he has to help close up shop, so sadly I think he will be there more than 2 weeks :( Our morning started early-- we were up at 0630, I made Kevin some breakfast while he put some last minute things in his backpack, and we were off to the drop off point to wait for the aircraft to arrive to pick them up. Well, no one else has been picked up on time for these rotations, so I thought about running a pool to see when they would actually fly out. They were supposed to leave at 1030, but due to some crazy weather @ the Big Island, the flight was delayed. Pay up, Kevin :P
While we were waiting, we hung out and talked to other folks in Kevins group. Around lunchtime, we went across the street to grab some yummies, but 5 minutes into our meal Kevin got a call from the pick-up area saying they were flying out like right now (when they had just been told they had 35 mins to make it back to the launch area). So he scarfed his food down, rounded up his group, and off they went--all within like 5 minutes...Jen's impressed!
Once I got home, I took apart the benches I will be staining to match the desk. I really didnt feel like doing much today, so I edited some photos and caught up on my blog reading (which I admit I have been slipping on recently--sorry ladies!!). I also made a couple of trips to the mailbox because I'm expecting several things right now and I have been sorely dissappointed when I gaze into my empty mailbox. Stuff better start coming soon, I would hate to think my mailman is jacking my stuff (I know this happens, I used to work for UPS). *sigh* I hope my packages come soon....
Tomorrow, I will be going to step class (yay!), and I've got to take a computer game back that didnt work right on Kevins computer (even though its specifically for Mac...frustrating). Anyway, from what I understand is that they will give us store credit, and theres an item thats going on sale March 4th that I would like for our bedroom, so the store credit will go towards that! I'm also going to work on the spare room some as well.

Good night folks

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  1. Aww! Thank you for the award! I am sorry to hear that Kevin will be away but thankfully it is a short trip. I can't wait to see pics of the finished refinished pieces! We have a desk and hutch here that you are welcome to get started on next! I know the frustration about a program not working all to well. How is it that The Sims 3 works on Aubrey's laptop (my 4 yr old previous one) and not on my brand spanking new one?! Aubrey is in love but I have to settle for being the Mastress ( is that a word?) of the Universe on my new cell phone, lol.