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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fridays activities.

This morning I got to sleep in with Kevin...kinda. He had to be at PT at 0530, but he didnt have to run or anything because he took one of the soldiers to sick call. He was home by like 630 and we got to stay in bed until 0840! This morning we made our weekly pilgrimage to Tripler, but on the way there, his coworkers called him 542587 times...annoying, right? Well they wanted a specific key and Kevin told them it was in his office but not to worry, Sgt ___ had a copy of the key to his office. So Kevin goes into his hour long appointment, but comes back out after 25 minutes saying he has to go into work so his appointment was cut short. We make it all the way down to Betty Jeep (which is parked almost at the bottom of the ginormous hill), and another co-worker calls him and says, "nevermind, we found the key!". At this point Kevin was really upset because he is key controller, and the yahoos that didnt really look for the key went to 1sgt, who told them to inform Kevin he was being relieved of key controller duties. What said yahoos didnt do is inform the 1sgt that they had indeed found the key and it was where Kevin said it was. So now Kevin has to talk to the 1sgt (whos not the sharpest tool in the shed either) and explain the mix-up on Monday. So frustrating! Its things like this that make us want to leave Hawaii! Thanks for letting me vent :)
After the work fiasco, we decided to go out to lunch! We proceeded to have the nicest, coolest waitress ever at Chili's in Waipahu. Her name is Courtney if you make it down there, ask for her, she rocks! Once we were done having a delicious lunch, we headed to Lowes because I needed more stain for the desk project Ive procrastinated on for long enough! They only had the ginormous cans, which I didnt need, so we went to Ace Hardware. They didnt have the color I was looking for, so I told Kevin we should go to Walmart to see if they had some. He told me he didnt want to go, he just wanted to go home ( which kind of upset me because he knew how excited I was to have him all to myself on a weekday). Long story short, he fell asleep when we got home, I went to Wally World & got the stain, and when I got back I proceeded to work on the desk for 4 hours. Yeah, Kevin was and still is asleep. He didnt even want to get up when I told him I was making dinner. So much for spending the day with him *sigh*
Anyways, I made a delicious dinner for one, and have been playing on the computer the rest of the evening. I honestly dont know what we have planned for tomorrow, but I know I want to go and get a lawnmower so I can cut the grass and make the yard look good! Hasta manana folks!

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