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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Lawnmower,

At first I was happy purchasing you because you did such a fine job at cutting the grass in our yard. Today, however, I am regretting buying you. After only one use, you have decided not to start, and this is a problem because our yard won't mow itself. Thats why I bought you. So please start tomorrow after I go out and buy you a new spark plug!


Dang lawnmower. The yard really needs to be mowed, the grass grows fast here! I did manage to get one of my TDY projects complete today! All of Kevins Army stuff was upstairs in the hall closet. I took all of that stuff and put it downstairs and took all of the boxes, the Christmas Tree (in its box and a sheer pain to get up the stairs), and other stuff and placed it in the upstairs closet. Both closets are now organized and that makes me happy (and accomplished!).
I did edit some more pictures today, but had to stop for awhile because it started to get a little mundane. Plus, for some reason I couldnt concentrate on them very well (probably the fact I havent been eating much). I have to get better at eating 3 meals a day when Kevin is away. I ate breakfast and dinner, but sort of forgot about lunch.....
Tomorrow I will be back into my routine of going to the gym, which I am very excited about! After the gym, Ive got to go get a spark plug for said lawnmower and attempt to cut the grass again. I also plan on starting to clear out the spare room full of boxes we have leftover from our big move. That project will take some time! For now, its off to finish the laundry and go up to bed.
Good night, y'all!

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