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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Biography--Mia and Wyatt!

Since nothing of significance happened today (didnt even go to the gym or leave the house!), I thought I would shine the spotlight on my 2 favorite feline cuties!

First up is Mia. On October 31, 2005, one of my old co-workers from my days working at the ballpark informed me that a cat had had kittens in his garage and he was looking for good homes for them. My roommate at the time Jessie and I really wanted a pet, so we decided to get one kitty each. The co-worker came over with a bunch of little kitties in a milk crate and we got to pick one out. For Jessie, the choice was easy since she wanted a calico and there was only one in the crate. I really wanted an orange and white one, but there were several and it was really hard to choose just one--I wanted them all :) In the end, I picked up the sweetest one of the bunch and hoped that the other cuties would find homes! They were really tiny, and Jess and I knew they definitely werent 6 weeks old yet. We think they were around 4 weeks old when we got them. I cant believe its been almost 5 and a half years! Even though we have another cat, Mia is still my baby :) She has a loud purr, loves canned cat food, doesnt mind getting a bath, and is very sassy at times. She also is the queen of napping and can sleep all day, then sleep all night! She is the poster child of the curious cat, and I worry that she will become a statistic with all of the stuff she gets into. Here are a few pictures I have of Mia!

I think she was like 8 weeks old in this one! I cant find the one we took the day we got her :(

Mia today...such a beautiful girl!

This is the face of the most curious cat on the planet...

Yes, Mia watches T.V. ...all the time.

Next up is Wyatt. On May 23rd, 2009 we found out Kevins moms cat Cocoa had given birth to 5 adorable little babies. I immediately told Kevin I wanted 2 of them! He was okay with it for awhile, but decided that if we were going to get any of them, it would be only one. The little cutie pies quickly started getting homes, and I had my eye on the only orange one in the bunch! After much discussion and back and forth on the subject, Kevins family--on their weeklong trip to visit us in Va-- just brought the orange one with them! Kevin was kinda indifferent about it at first, but realized having a playmate for Mia would make me happy, so he caved agreed we could keep the little kitty (who we discovered was a boy!). It took a few days for us to find a name for him, but we agreed on Wyatt Earp after one of Kevins favorite movies :) Wyatt quickly adjusted to his new family, and ironically loves Kevin more than any other human, even though Kevin wasnt keen on getting him in the first place! He is a very quiet purrer, doesnt like canned cat food, doesnt like things to be out of order or his routine changed, doesnt like being alone or closed doors, and his favorite time of day is bedtime so he can cuddle up with Kevin and I. He also meows when he's frustrated or when he's pooping lol, but generally he is a pretty quiet dude. He absolutely HATES baths! He also makes a sound like a pigeon when he jumps on something, or when hes woken up haha. Heres a few pictures of our little guy!

This was 5 days after we got him...he was almost 3 months old

Kevin=Wyatts favorite human. Ever.

He hates when I take his picture lol
Dont you just love them?!? We sure do! We love having them in our family, and we hope they are here for many many more years :)

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