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Monday, January 31, 2011

Less than manic Monday

No really, it wasnt eventful. I went to step class this morning and got an amazing workout as usual! Afterwards, I came home and proceeded to think about what I wanted to get done today. The kitchen was clean, the laundry is done for the week, bathrooms are good, floors are good, and the living room was good too. I finally decided to clean our upstairs hall closet. Its (current) contents--all of Kevins Army paraphernalia. It was clean last week, but when I looked in there today, it looked like the Army threw up all over the closet floor and shelves. Thanks, baby. Now its straightened up and all paraphernalia is organized and packed neatly away. I also gathered all of our spare sheet sets, extra bathroom rugs/shower curtains, blankets, and extra pillows and put them in the closet. I plan on taking the army stuff downstairs tomorrow and putting it in the downstairs hall closet. Believe it or not, it took awhile to get all nice and neat lol.
Tomorrow its spin class in the a.m. then its commissary time! Yes, Im braving the crowds on payday, but theres stuff we need. Plus, we are getting a lawn mower tomorrow night! Im excited about this because our yard looks embarassing. More tomorrow :)

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