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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ka Iwa Scenic Shoreline

Today we met up with another couple from Kevins unit to go hiking at Ka Iwa Scenic Shoreline. We got out there at about 10am and made the almost 2 mile hike up the trail. January is the best time to see humpback whales near this location, so this was another reason we went. Sadly, we only saw one whale (barely) and it was so far out that the camera couldnt pick it up. We looked through our binoculars and it was still small!! We did get a few pictures from the day

There was a ton of cactus on the way up

Reason #1 of why I love Hawaii

More cactus :)

These islands are just to the right of the image in picture #2

About halfway up...just outside of the picture at the very bottom left is where we were parked

Kevin and I at the top :)
This hike wasnt as long as we thought it would be, but it was fun! Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, and hung out with our friends for a bit before heading home. We did make a run to the store this evening for some stuff we needed, but now we are back home and ready for some relaxation time :)
Tomorrow I have a feeling it may be a lazy day. Kevin was talking about maybe going to the botanical garden (yay close-up shots with my camera!) or the Dole Plantation! I really do have a feeling that its going to be a normal Sunday of sleeping in and lounging around :P I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Amazing pics! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Is that the Makapu'u Lighthouse hike? I love that!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I am already excited enough as it is to come back out there and your pictures always make me even more excited.

  4. very nice pix glad you are having a good time

  5. Those pictures make me *terribly* jealous!

  6. So pretty! Do you like to hike often? My husband and I enjoy hiking but haven't done so with our boys. There is a really nice, not too hard hike in Hauula that has nice views. I think it's called Hauula Loop trail. =)

  7. Those pictures are absolutely amazing! I've only been to Hawaii once, but you're making me want to go back.

    Visiting from the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup! Nice to meet you. :)