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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Island Drive and a new workout buddy!!

This morning I went to spin class, and got a chance to chat with my new friend Chantal while working out! We have decided to become workout buddies yay!! Its always more fun working out with others than by yourself, so thanks Chantal!! :) After the gym, I headed home and planned to go with another friend Samantha to get some shave ice at the north shore. Well we met up and went to the north shore, but decided to get shave ice on the way back. While we were driving and talking, we decided to go past sunset beach and lay out. As we passed Sunset, it started to get gloomy, so we just talked and drove. Before we knew it, we had reached Kaneohe Bay! Yeah we practically drove around the whole island. So we just decided to drive down to Hickam beach (which she hadnt been to yet) and laid out til the sun went away for the evening. It was really fun, and nice to talk to someone and get out of our houses! We do plan on getting that shave ice soon..... :) This weekend she and her husband are planning on going hiking up a trail which name escapes me right now, and Kevin and I were planning on hiking because he has a 4 day this weekend, so we may just hike together! Plus hiking means pictures! :D
Anyways, it was a long fun day, and Im pretty tired! Off to bed I go (I know its early, but cant a girl get a little cuddle cuddle time with her husband??...dang.) Haha, but seriously :)
Tomorrow I have no idea what we are doing. Kevin is off of work, and its my day off from the gym yay! I want to sit around and relax, but Kevin can only do that in short spurts :)
Goodnight folks!!



  1. I wish I lived closer so I could work out with you guys! Sounds like a fun day. :)