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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yard Sale Day


It was a really early day for Kevin and I. Today we got up and headed over to a friends house to help them with their PCS sale. Today also happened to be the community-wide yard sale day :) As much as I wanted to wander around and check out the sales, I ended up staying with our friends and helping them make as much money as we could. We did contribute over a hundred bucks to their sale though!! Kevin and I are now the proud owners of a gently used grill, which we plan on promptly using the first chance we can and Kevin got some brand new short style flippers for snorkeling! I decided to send Kevin around to see if anyone was selling a lawn mower (which we need right now!) and he and my friends husband Ken couldnt get down the street fast enough lol. Kevin loves his dude time! Sadly, they didnt find any lawn mowers, but Im sure they had fun just chatting and getting away from us gals! We are really going to miss them, but its best for their family to be near Kens mother whos going through some health challenges. Thank goodness for facebook!!
During the yard sale, I had to take Kevin to his Saturday afternoon class, and ran by the store to get some stuff I forgot at the commissary yesterday. After a nap this afternoon, Ive been lounging on the couch watching the Miss America pageant. How did Miss Hawaii do? Pretty good, actually!!!! She made 2nd runner up!!
Tomorrow, Kevin and I are planning on going to the beach in the morning, then just seeing where the rest of the day takes us! More tomorrow =)

Jennifer & Kevin

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