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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



And how is everyone feeling tonight??? Lol
Happy 1-11-11 by the way ;)

I started my day with a half an hour ride in traffic to get across the street. I was, of course, going to spin class. Once I got there, I grabbed a bike (and not a moment too soon, they were almost gone!) and proceeded to sweat to the 80's (music, that is). After I got home I spent a half an hour on the phone with Virginia DMV so that they would put a note in the system that my insurance changed from a Va insurance to a Hawaii one, but its still the same company. The only info Va DMV got is that State Farm terminated my Va insurance and isnt supposed to let them know that I still have insurance on my car, its just in Hawaii now. Well, the note went into the system to prevent my license from getting suspended (which is what happens in Va if you dont prove insurance or pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee)*sigh*.
I got it all taken care of, and the customer service lady even told me I could get an 80 dollar refund on my 2 year registration that I paid for (that I didnt use because my car is now registered in Hawaii)! All Ive got to do is send in a form with my Va registration card and they will mail a check to my mom. So I spent about a half hour-45 mins looking for the registration...and did not find it (insert angry annoyed face here). Hopefully I find it soon though...
Today was a beautiful day in our area! I was going to get out and take some pictures, but really just wanted to lounge around. I did take a couple of pictures though, which showed the nice day and.....

Notice anything different about our back yard??

How about a closer look....still notice it?????
Thats right, THE PIPES ARE GONE!!!!! Ahhhh they finally took them out today! Since the pipes were in our yard, the maintenance people had to come in and mow and the stupid sprinklers did more harm to our grass than good! Im so excited to mow our yard and get it the way we want it :) Plus, we get to buy a new mower this weekend yay!!! I just love a pretty yard, dont you??
Anyway that was my exciting news for the day!! Some of the day I spent editing some pictures, here are a couple of my favorites!

The flowers are one of my favorite things about Hawaii

Sorry my fingers look chubby in this one,  I was just practicing the super macro setting on my camera :). This is my wedding ring set...its one of the most beautiful gifts Ive ever recieved and I rarely take them off.
Im having alot of fun learning more about our camera and editing photos! I think Hawaii is the best place ever to practice too :)

Before I go, Im going to share with you guys the cyoot kitteh picture of the week!!

Pffft, she never looks at the camera when I try to take her picture!

My silly husband swiped my camera while I wasnt looking and did an "arm length" shot of him and Mia. Arent they cute??
Tomorrow its kickboxing (my third class in a row, maybe I will get it this time lol), then the post office! I will probably do a bit of straightening up around the house too :) For now though, its early bedtime.....the new season of Tosh.O starts tonight at 8!!! Am I the only one anxious to see what clothing theme he is going to do this season???

Good night folks!!

Jennifer & Kevin

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  1. I am so jealous that you guys dont have snow. We have been covered in snow for probably the past week or snow and it seems like there is no sign of it letting up.

    Those flower pictures are very pretty! I just love your ring :).