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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This morning was REALLY early for Kevin and I. I promised him I would get up and make him breakfast before he went out to the range today. He had to report to work at 4am, so I was up at a tad after 3 cooking some bacon, eggs, and toast. We hung out a little then he had to go to work. I slept until 715, when I had to get ready for spin class. Spin was awesome, as usual, and I got a wonderful workout in! Afterwards, I texted the friend I was supposed to go to the beach with, and..........she never responded!! Ugh, we had this planned for the last 2 weeks and she didnt even call to let me know she couldnt make it. Frustrating. Oh well, after like 1pm, I decided to just get some stuff done, so I went to the commissary. Every little thing was irritating me in there! Normally I can tune things out, but I swear today I have never been so annoyed with people as I was in the commissary. So I got my things and checked out! After getting home, I decided to relax in the quiet until Kevin came home. The only thing Ive done is cook dinner, which is now cold because Kevin is STILL at work as of right now (even though he said he was done,should be home soon, and said that cooking at 5 should be okay). Blah, I know that I should know this about the army (and I do), but its annoying none the less! I think I just need to eat and go to bed so that this funk Im in will pass. Good night folks!


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  1. How rude to not respond! She could've at least texted back and said "sorry can't make it today." Boo. I'm sorry. :(

    Do you do spin on Thursday mornings? I've never been on Thursday, but I'm not working this week on that day, so I thought I might go and then lift some weights...