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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Housecleaning catch up

This morning I got up and went to spin class, nothing exciting there. Afterwards, it was a day of cleaning for me. Kevin has had 2 four day weekends in a row, and I never can get anything done when he is home. We are hardly ever home when he is off work, so my poor house has been seriously neglected for the last couple of weeks. Add on that I was supposed to do my bi-weekly bathroom scrubdown/upstairs vaccuuming, and I had a challenge! I got everything but the downstairs floors done though!!! Even the laundry is completely done for the week :)
Tomorrow we have an early early appointment at Tripler for Kevin, plus Im going down to the OB/Gyn to talk to my doctor about scheduling surgery. Hopefully it works *sigh*
See y'all tomorrow!

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