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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Hello, folks :)

This morning we were up at 6am for our weekly pilgrimage to Tripler. The drive there was filled with traffic, as usual, but once we got to the hospital we proceeded to get the best parking spot ever :D While Kevin was in with the doc, I read a bit of my book and watched Cash and Cari on HGTV. If you havent seen this show, its kind of like American Pickers on the History channel, but she does estate sales and refurbishing. Between her and the guys on American Pickers, they have my dream job! How cool would it be to just go around looking for vintage stuff?? Plus theyre so knowledgeable on virtually anything retro, which is really neat :)
Anyways, after the appointment, I relaxed at home a bit before I made a quick trek to the commissary for some necessary items: Ketchup, TP, and bananas-three essentials we must keep in our house at all times! After the commissary, I decided that I was going to cook dinner early, leave some in the microwave for Kevin when he came home for lunch, and head over to the gym for Wednesday evening step class! Step was fun, but Im a little indifferent about the instructor--she missed her steps alot. No worries though, I pushed through and got a pretty amazing workout! Im not hanging at the office with Kevin tonight so after this blog entry Im going upstairs to prepare for bed. I plan on cuddling up with my babies until Kevin gets home :)

Oh before I go, Ive been a bad blogger! Last week I found out I won a giveaway from the fabulous Kathleen over at Hawkerswife. The giveaway was called New Year New You, and I won this!

Yoga is a really great way to tone your whole body, and Im anxiously awaiting the dvd in the mail, so thanks Hawkerswife (and Im sorry it took a week for me to acknowledge on my blog- please forgive me!)!!! By the way, her husband and Kevin both work with the same aircraft so its nice meeting other members of the UH-60 (Technical name for the Blackhawk) family! Stop by and check out her blog HERE. Good night folks!

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