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Monday, January 10, 2011

"A case of the Mondays"


*Please excuse the page mess, Im taking down the Christmas theme and working on a new design. The one you see now isnt what Im using, it was just temporarily put up*

Do you remember the movie Office Space? Well today I think I had a case of the Mondays. I got up this morning with every intention of going to step class. Well, my thigh and tibialis muscles in my right leg were STILL hurting, so I didnt want to anger them any more than they already are. I mean, it hurt just walking down the stairs. I even tried using the bottom step as a "step" and it just wasnt going to work, so no class for me today. Good news is that my muscles feel alot better this evening and I will be attending spin class tomorrow!
Because I didnt go to the gym, Kevin and I decided to head to Tripler earlier today than we were supposed to, so that Kevin could get blood drawn and eat (he had to fast for the blood draw) before his appointment this afternoon. Well, while waiting, the lady in front of us had a screaming 4 year old (guess on age) in a stroller that would not stop screaming. Normally I can block this out, but it really got under my skin and I was highly annoyed (case of the Mondays, remember?). Every little thing annoyed me today. Maybe Im PMSing...blah. The gloomy rainy weather wasnt doing much to help either. Anyways, after Kevins appointments, we headed over to Schofield to pick up stuff from the pharmacy and get Starbucks. We even looked around the store a bit before going home :)
After we got home, I decided to play around with my camera for a little while. Im trying to learn more about it to take better pictures (that I can share with you guys!!). Kevin cooked his yummalicious chili tonight, and we watched the rest of the College Football BCS Champtionship game. I went for Oregon, but I always guess wrong because Auburn won :( It was a nailbiter though, went down to literally the last second! Thats good football right there ;)
Tomorrow I have spin class of course, then Im going to wander over to the thrift shop for their grand re-opening since closing for the holidays! How is your week going so far? Anyone else have "A case of the Mondays"?

Jennifer & Kevin

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