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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My eyes feel funny.

This morning I headed down to the optometrist to get my eyes dilated. My doc said she wanted to see the back of my eyes better, but they needed to be dilated first. If you've never had this done, what they do is drop a couple drops of anesthetic in your eyes, then a couple of drops of the dilation medicine in them. It doesnt hurt, but your eyes get fuzzy after about 15 minutes. Note to self: attempting to play Slice-It on your phone with your eyes dilated is an epic fail. Anyways, after about 20 minutes, the doc called me back and she shone some lights in my eyes, then we went back and she took some pictures of my eyes (which are fascinating to look at--its like an x-ray of your eye!), and the appointment was over. My eyes werent bothered by the office lights, but when I walked outside, that was a whole different ball game! It felt as if I was staring directly into the sun. So I wore these fashionable sunshades (they came rolled up) and drove home. I then proceeded to spend the majority of the afternoon Facebooking, planning my college schedule (which makes me even more excited to finish college and get my masters!), and applying for jobs. I tried to go outside around 2 to see how my eyes felt was a no-go! By 315 though, I finally found my sunglasses and had to venture out to the pharmacy. By then it wasnt too bad! So that was my day. All in all, the dilation process wasnt too bad, and I had a really relaxing afternoon! I even had a chance to hang out at the office with Kevin because it was pretty slow tonight. I actually have a good time, especially when there's aircraft taking off and landing frequently :) It is now time for bed though, we are getting up around 6 to make our weekly pilgrimage  go down to Tripler for an appointment. I dont mind though--I take my trusty Kindle and catch up on some reading! I think Im going to continue reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Before you say "ugh borrrrinnnng", let me just say its really interesting and I enjoy learning more about how our nation was formed and the life of this remarkable man :)
So thats all for tonight, more tomorrow!

*Oh, and guess what?? Only 5 more days til the Pro Bowl-woot!!*

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