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Saturday, January 22, 2011

BBQ kind of afternoon...

Kevin and I planned on getting up rather early today to start preparing for our get together this afternoon. Well, that didnt happen. We woke up at around 830, but didnt want to get up, so we slept until like 930. After we did get up, we sat around for an hour or so, and then decided to start our projects for the day :P
Kevin had class this afternoon, so I went to the grocery store for some last minute things. I had to have the propane tank refilled (which was a bit of an adventure) as well, so that got done. I was also 8 feet away from the gas pump and still forgot to fill up the car!
Once back home, I decided to bake a couple of things to commemorate the purpose of the party :)

Todays party was a combination of a "going away" party for the Hurd family, and a celebration of hitting the "halfway to retirement" mark for Kevin. On Monday, he reaches the 10 year mark with the Army and I couldnt be more proud of him!
The get together was fun, and there was alot of laughing going on :)

However................... This man

Is a bad influence on ............................... this cat

Let me explain with a picture.

This happened tonight...Wyatt started licking the bottle and our friend Nick got a great shot
(eyeroll) Men.......

Haha so that was our night. We had alot of fun, and tomorrow we are all planning to head down to the beach and just hang out some more (and I get to get my tan on!!)
Good night folks!

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  1. Oh the beach sounds amazing right now. I can't wait for the Army to get its crap together and get me on my hubby's orders so I can be in Hawaii too haha.

    Also, the cat drinking beer? Hahaha guys are awful! I swear they stay teenagers for life :)