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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dole Plantation

Today Kevin and I got up fairly early for a Sunday (around 8) so that we could go to the beach down at Hickam. We got down there and saw this

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DENIED!!!! Apparently during the storms last week, a pipe leaked or something, and the water between Hickam and Ko'Olina tested positive for contaminates. The lifeguard said everything should return to normal tomorrow :)
We thought about going to the Byodo-In Temple but those plans didnt pan out so we went to the Dole Plantation! We enjoyed some yummy Dole whip, and went through the maze. It was a really fun afternoon and here are some pictures of our day :)

Hickam- The water was beautiful this morning :)

My handsome, kinda bummed that he couldnt go swimming :(

Isnt this flower cool looking?

Lost in the maze :)

I heart hibiscus

This flower was so tiny!

more hibiscus
Can you tell I really love flowers?? They really are one of my very favorite things about Hawaii. Sorry if the pictures look a little funny. Im learning how to improve my photography and editing skills :)
After Dole, we ran over to Kens house to grab the grill we purchased yesterday at their yard sale. The guys had to take the top off, but it fit in the Jeep (barely haha). Then it started POURING, so we all hung out in the garage chatting for awhile before coming home and having dinner. Its Sunday night, so that means hanging out watching our favorite shows :)
Tomorrow we dont really have any plans, but maybe if its nice we may try the beach again! We also need to look for a lawn mower, so that has to be fitted in as well.
Im pretty tired, so upstairs I go :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Jennifer & Kevin

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