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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monthly Spouses Club Luncheon

Today was a pretty normal day! I did spin class this morning, and attended the monthly spouses club luncheon. I had a blast (as usual!), met some wonderful new people, and even set up a hiking date for next Friday with Chantal(and Dexter) :) After the luncheon, I headed to the grocery store, then scooted home to get a couple of things done before Kevin got off work. I love Thursdays because they usually get off at around 3 :D
We had an appointment with our insurance company this afternoon, so thats where we headed right after Kevin walked in the house. I learned more stuff about Roth IRA's than I ever have, and its kind of fascinating how it works! Anyway, the appointment went well, and the rest of the afternoon was spent with him watching tv/playing xbox, and me with my nose in my kindle reading an awesome novel :) I only stopped so I could do this blog entry hehe
Tomorrow its step class in the morning, then off to the grocery store to get some things for our Going Away BBQ for our friends/Kevins "Halfway to Retirement" celebration on Saturday. Kevin hits 10 years on Monday, exactly halfway to his retirement :)

So, that was my day, how is your week going??


  1. Sounds like your day went pretty well! I must ask, what awesome novel are you reading now? :)

  2. that is great so happy for him i know that feeling