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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kickboxing and elevator rides...

This morning I went to kickboxing, and it kicked. My. Butt.! My hip doesn't like me right now :( Nevertheless I finished the class and I feel great for the most part! After the gym, I headed home to shower and wait for Kevin to get off work so we could go down to Tripler for an afternoon appointment. Once we arrived at the hospital, the real adventure began. This is where the second part of the post title comes in. Tripler has different wings and certain elevators only go to certain floors, etc. Kevins doc told him to go to one department, but it was called something else at Tripler, so long story short, we rode 6 different elevators to get to the right department! At first we were a little annoyed and frustrated, but by the time we had covered a half mile walking through the hospital and we got off the last elevator, we were laughing hysterically. Kevins appointment was about an hour, but I stayed busy reading a book on my kindle and watching the high school football All America game. BTW, I'm pretty excited that my high school alma mater Phoebus High is ranked #6 in the nation! Go Phantoms!
After the appointment we wanted to head home but we didn't because there was Traffic all the way down H1. Instead we headed over to the NEX to look for a workout mat for Kevin. We had no luck there and there was still bumper to bumper traffic, so we went down the road to Hickam. They had one yay! So after like 2 hours shopping, we thought we wouldn't have to sit in anymore traffic.....wrong. Bumper to bumper parking lot from the Hickam exit all the way past H2 *sigh*. Anyway, we made it home, ate dinner and I'm ready to pass out! I'm actually in bed blogging from my phone because Blogger didn't want to work on my computer, blah.
Tomorrow its spin class, then Im heading to the North Shore with a friend to get some delicious shave ice and look around the shops :) Good night folks!
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