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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Funday

This post was supposed to have some beach pictures in it, but we got all the way down to Ko'Olina and there was no parking....anywhere. We drove around for a little while hoping something would open up, but no luck. So we just decided to hit up the shopping center down the road and pick up some black out curtains and some new kitchen towels. Exciting, huh? Plus, we went to the pet store to get some advantage for the kitties. Afterwards, we drove over to a friends house to hang out and ordered some pizza for the kids. Now we are back home....that was our day!
Last night, I mentioned that the cats were getting a bath...and they did. My awesome husband took a few pictures!

First up was Mia. I like giving her a bath first for 2 reasons: 1) As soon as she is aware shes getting a bath, she hides in the one place I cant get to her--under the bed up against the wall; and 2) because shes really good in the bath believe it or not!!

She just stands there

Trying to get her fur wet enough to put shampoo on it...that cats fur is super water repellant!

Next up was my little dude Wyatt. Last time I gave him a bath he was really good, so I thought I lucked out with 2 good cats when it came to bathtime. I was wrong.

From moment one, he was flailing around trying to escape

Im suprised Kevin got a few pictures of him, because most of his bath required 4 hands

The one time he sat still...he looks so cute and helpless! No, Im not choking him in case you were wondering, Im just keeping him from jumping out of the tub :)

He was a challenge to bathe! In the process of holding him so I could get the soap on, he bit Kevin a few times because he was so mad! It wasnt too hard though! We got through it and by the time we went to bed last night, the babies were clean and my sweet Wyatt loved me again :)
Tomorrow Im going to step class in the morning, then tackling the giant load of laundry that we somehow accumulated last week. Im going to be clearing out some of the man room too so Kevin can get his stuff hung up on the walls. Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!!

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