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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, the rain! And the Wind!


This morning I got up and headed to kickboxing class. Todays class was a little easier which was great, because my hip didnt want to co-operate :( Towards the end of kickboxing, Im convinced the instructor slowed down the speed of stretching/abs to wait out the torrential rain pocket that was coming down in front of the gym. It was so bad, you couldnt see the closest row of cars out front (about 15 yards or so). The rain storms here have been really intense as of late. I cant wait until rainy season is over and the sunshine dominates the week!
Since it was gloomy (and WINDY!) out, I decided to do a little cleaning inside the house. I also made it down to the post office to mail my sweet feetie pajamas back so they could send a different size out. When I got home, the power decided to go out....when I was in the shower. Annoying. Thankfully it wasnt out for too long (about an hour or so), but I really wanted to get some laundry done and start the dishwasher. Oh well.
Kevin got off of work early because there was no power at the hangar, so we had dinner early and will soon be heading upstairs to relax for the evening. Tomorrow I was going to go to spin class, but a last minute (important!) appointment was scheduled at Tripler in the morning so we are getting up early for that. I wont go into details, but its part of our tests for infertility. Fingers crossed for good news! Good night :)

Jennifer & Kevin

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