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Friday, January 7, 2011

Relaxation time.....

How are you guys doing???

We slept in this morning.....and it was so nice :) Kevin has started his 4 day weekend he earned last month, so we decided that today would be a day of relaxation and doing whatever. Kevin got his "Man Room" set up for the most part. He hung all of his unit going away awards and other framed awards. He also put his over the door pull up machine upstairs and cleared out the queen sized bed. The only thing we need to get out of there now is the desk that Ive been procrastinating slowly working on. Its almost done, it needs one more coat of stain, and I need to get some more sandpaper from the store. I relaxed and applied online for some jobs while Kevin ran some errands this morning. Then we went to our insurance office and starbucks. This was our outing for the day :)
After some more, you guessed it, relaxing, we had dinner and here we are. For some reason, even after getting a frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso, I cant seem to wake up fully today. I can seriously go to bed right now :( We are heading to bed soon, because tomorrow we are going with some friends to Ka Iwa scenic shoreline to do some hiking!!! Kevin and I have been wanting to go hiking since before we arrived in Hawaii, so we are pretty excited about it! Be on the lookout for pictures tomorrow night, I plan on taking a ton of them!
So Im off to bed to get some beauty sleep and rest up for the hike tomorrow. Good night yall!


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