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Monday, January 24, 2011

Loving this nice weather!

Seriously, its been nice the last 4 days! Beautiful blue skies, sun shining, and big puffy white clouds make for a pleasant environment :)
Today is Monday, and that means I was in the gym by 815 for an 830 step class. Todays routine was really easy for me, so I modified some of the moves to make for a more difficult and intense workout. After class, I felt GREAT! My legs are feeling much stronger lately and my hip doesnt bother me as much! The step classes, spin classes, and kickboxing classes are really paying off. Im really pleased with myself! Now if only I can flatten my belly some more.....
After step class, I came home and hung out with Kevin for a bit until we had to go to Chili's for a farewell lunch honoring 2 of Kevins co-workers who are leaving the island soon. One of them has been here 6 years, can you imagine?? They are both great people and they will be missed!
Kevin is on nights this week, so after dinner and finishing laundry, I went down to the hangar to hang out with him and keep him company (since they werent busy). I can sit out there and watch aircraft take off and land all day, Im a nerd its fascinating :) Kevin thinks I'm strange, but I actually had a good time.
Tomorrow I'm not going to spin class :( Instead, I've got an eye doctor appointment! I'm going to get my eyes dilated for the first time, and Im kind of nervous because I know you have fuzzy vision for awhile and I know its going to annoy the heck out of me :-/ I plan on driving straight home and camping out on the couch until my vision resets itself :) I will let y'all know how it goes!!

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  1. Rub it in why don't cha?! :-P We have been getting freak snow flurries that are so thick you can't see through it but it doesn't stick to the ground and 5 minutes later it is gone like it never happened. Gotta love Va weather, lol.