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Friday, January 21, 2011

Eye appointment and a stop at the North Shore

This morning I woke up and went to step class, but had to leave 15 minutes early because of appointments we both had at the health clinic. I was bummed too, because my brain was functioning pretty well during step this morning and I didnt want to leave! Blah, oh well :)
Kevins appointment was first and the doc gave us kind of okay news about Kevins recent test (those of you that know me personally should or will know soon about those details. After his appointment I ran over to my eye exam appointment. Good news-my prescription for my glasses hasnt changed yay! Blah news- Ive got another appointment Tuesday to get my eyes dialated. I know its no big deal but fuzzy vision annoys me.
After the appointments, my friend Samantha came over and she accompanied me to the commissary to pick up some things for the get together tomorrow afternoon. We also went up to the North Shore and got shave ice from Matsumotos. After checking out the angry waves at the North Shore, we headed back and hung out for a bit until her hubby got off work. Kevin had school tonight, so Ive been hanging out at home reading :)
Tomorrow, I plan on cleaning in the morning (and sleeping in!), then we are having the get together in the afternoon! It should be fun :)

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  1. Ah eye dilation... if you remember my post in September when I passed out, you won't be so excited about it! Haha. My body is wacky though.