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Friday, November 18, 2011

A much overdue update

Sorry I havent been blogging much--er, at all! I really havent felt like saying much. I'm having a hard time dealing with infertility and have been keeping to myself (aside from the occasional visits with Annie :) ). I hope you guys dont take offense to this, but I've gotten to the point where I dont even want to be around even friends that have kids or are pregnant, it's just too damn depressing. I am hoping I come out of this funk soon, because its not fair to them....not to mention I feel like a horrible friend. This is definitely a low point in our lives, and it sucks...alot. It's a hard thing to go through, and I dont wish it on my worst enemies.
Since I last blogged, I did have a pretty good sized positive thing happen....I have gone back to school! I am now well on my way to finishing my much awaited and anticipated degree in History and I am excited to complete the program! Then its off to grad school.......... :)
Kevin is still non deployable, but instead of not deploying at all, the MEB is underway and he is considered a "late deployer"--which means he is definitely going to the middle east, we just dont know when yet. There is some good news about that though--he has been selected to be a platoon sergeant on Rear D, which is great because when promotion time comes up, he will have platoon sergeant time in (this is a good thing--you want to have that under your belt!), which gives him a better chance of being selected for promotion!
Hmm, what else.....
I celebrated (well, I'm not overly excited about it) my 31st birthday at the beginning of this month!
I've been going to the gym ALOT lately--even more than usual--and I'm still feeling pretty good! I did have a week where my hip wouldn't stop *painfully* popping, but off course after xrays were done it felt better. Go fig... Anyway, I have had to modify down a few times, but I've still been able to make it in and make it through class.
Kevin is almost back to his pre surgery self! He has been doing more PT and running more. I still have a hard time getting him to go to the gym with me, but in recent days its because he recieved his birthday present (the new Elder Scrolls Skyrim game for the PS3) and has been ridiculously occupied with it. I dont mind, though, I just love having him home :)
I will say, though, that he did go to the gym with me not this past Wednesday, but last Wednesday, and not only came with me, but PARTICIPATED in his very first step class!!! He did really good, too! He didnt give up and he didnt quit-- I was INSANELY proud of him!!!
Other than that, we have hung out with our friends Annie and Allen a few times, but have been mostly keeping to ourselves.
Last night, I had the awesome experience of seeing the midnight release of Breaking Dawn Part 1! We got to the theater around 5, watched Eclipse at 915, then Breaking Dawn at 12. I LOVED it, and it was worth the wait! I cant wait til part 2!!!! Kevin didnt go with us because he had to work really early this morning, but I'm thinking of talking him into going sometime next week :).  So thats whats happening in our neck of the woods.
Before I go, I wanted to share one of the many pictures our friend Annie took of us a couple of weeks ago! She's super talented. and we loved the way they came out!!

So I shared a couple... heehee. We loved them all though :)

Thats it for now, I hope you guys are doing good! I've missed blogging!!


  1. I'm pretty sure your friends will understand... I can't imagine going through that. Praying for you guys. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. I have been wondering why you havent been blogging lately. I am praying for you two. Your pictures look great!