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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life since I last blogged...and lots of pictures!!!!

Hello! Long time no talk! Things have been really, REALLY busy around here since my last post. Alot of times I am just so done with the computer after I do my schoolwork, so sadly my blog has gone by the wayside. I'm really sorry guys! This may be a long post--in fact, I am SURE its going to be a long post, but please bear with me as there is so much that has happened! So much has happened in the last 11 months. Kevin deployed, as you all know, and in January I welcomed him home!

 However, about a month after I wrote my last post, the Buzuleciu's took a huge hit to the heart. Kevins dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer in his lungs and brain. Kevin was able to take leave from Afghanistan to be in Ohio with his dad while he was in the hospital. He arrived in Ohio on August 25th. He was able to spend two weeks with his dad before having to go back to Afghanistan. I was able to be in Ohio with him, which was nice. In those two weeks, we spent so much time with "Big Kevin" and told him we loved him at least a million times. Four days after Kevin got back to work, on September 11, his dad passed away. Kevin's family is super close. His dad was his best friend. It hit fast. 21 days between diagnosis and death. Kevins unit, who was under new command, was absolutely wonderful to him throughout the whole process. They even pulled strings and allowed him to go home for the funeral. They were wonderful to me as well. I was able to get back to Ohio again so I could be there for my in laws and for Kevin. The funeral was beautiful. Big Kevin served in the United States Marine Corps, and was given a burial with full military honors. Kevin wore his Blues for the event, and was presented with the flag that draped his dad's coffin. It was such a sad time, but a wonderful celebration of the life of a guy who put his family first (even after divorcing Kevins mom 20 years ago--they were still the best of friends and even told each other that they loved each other before he died), could fix anything, and would give you the shirt off of your back if you needed it. He was a fabulous friend, dad, grandpa, and an amazing father in law. This hit Kevin pretty hard, and he had a pretty rough deployment because of it. The family is doing much better now, but on some days, especially today--Fathers Day-- its really been rough. We all miss Big Kevin!

Kevins Dad in the USMC. How handsome is he????

We were so thankful that Big Kevin (along with my sis and bro in law) were able to visit Hawaii before he passed. He had a wonderful time!
Also, Kevin lost his Uncle Tom and his Aunt Evelyn, who both passed away in November. I felt so bad for him having to deal with that much death in the family and I couldnt be there for him. Skype was something, but he really had a rough deployment.
Okay, thats enough of the sad stuff! While I was in Ohio, I took up running to keep my exercise schedule up. When I say running, I really mean jogging as I am not that fast. Well, I really started to get into it! Jogging at a moderate pace did not irritate my hip, and it kept me in shape. Since August, I have ran a few races--The Tunnel to Towers 5k in September ( I was home just long enough to do that one), The Color Run 5k in November, The Warrior Dash Obstacle 5k in February, The Ford Island Bridge Run 10k in April, and the Pineapple Run 10k last month! Between races, I would get up at the crack of dawn and run 3-6 miles around post....even on holidays and weekends! My running has gotten much better, and I can now complete a 5k without stopping to walk on a regular basis, and right now I'm clocking around a half hour to complete it.

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5k- Sept. 8, 2012. Time:Around 41 mins

Color Run- November 3, 2012 with my peeps! I'm the one with the car wash sign!

Warrior Dash AFTER picture! I came in at an hour and like 2 minutes. February 23, 2013

Warrior Dash BEFORE picture with some of the gals I work out with and our amazing trainer Katie (She's third from left)

Ford Island Bridge Run- April 6, 2013. This was the first 10k I actually ran. My time was 1 hour 14 mins on this one

Pineapple Run- May18, 2013. My time: 1 hour 7 mins! My best 10k time yet!

Getting my pineapple after I completed the run. Please excuse the bad pics, it was really foggy and rainy that morning!
I am so proud of myself for consistently improving my run times. Although after the Pineapple Run, I actually did not run until yesterday, when I ran in Waikiki because we were down there for a marriage retreat.

Lets see what else....well, when Kevin was deployed, he found out he would have to go through another Medical Board because the first one wasnt done right. It only took two weeks last time, so I was not suprised that something got screwed up. Anyway, the board found him fit for duty! This means he will be able to retire from the army after he completes his 20 years, instead of getting discharged. He is really happy about it and so am I. We were stressing on what we would do if he had to get out. So the med board is done, and thats one thing we dont have to worry about again.

Our one big stressor for the last few years, as you all know, has been getting pregnant. I am STILL not pregnant, but this past Monday we moved up in treatment, and I have to give myself follicle stimulating shots until they get big enough, and then I will be given a shot to make me ovulate. Then we will go in for our 6th IUI. The shots are supposed to greatly increase our chances of getting pregnant, and I am remaining confident that it may happen this month!

Other than that, I have still been volunteering at the post museum, and last month marked a year since I have been doing that. I really love my job there, and I am going to miss the curator and admin so much when we leave!!! I am also still in school, and since Kevin got home I have had straight A's in all my classes. I am in the brunt of my history degree major classes now, and am LOVING it!!! I will start my Cultural Anthropology major courses soon as well. It is going to take me a while to finish, but when I graduate, I will have TWO bachelors degrees. I am really excited about that!

Speaking of leaving, we now know where we are going next!!! While I will miss Hawaii something fierce, I know that the army needs Kevin elsewhere. These last three years have been great, with the exception of the old command in Kevins unit, and its certainly going to stink not being able to go to the beach on New Years! So where are we going???????

Drumroll please.........

FORT CAMPBELL, KENTUCKY! This is cool because its only a few hours drive from Kevins family and about 12 hours for mine! I will post more on this when we move, but we are slated to leave this beautiful island in October.

Okay, I am going to wrap this up, and if you made it this far, I love you! I know its alot of stuff, but its been way too long since I last blogged, and I wanted to share our life lately! I promise it wont be that long before I blog again!!!!


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