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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Aloha Friday!

Nothing much to report today, so its going to be a short post! I went to step class this morning, and sadly had to modify down ALOT. I will be taking it easy this weekend for sure! I got some serious housework done, and next week I will begin preparing for our guests to arrive!
We had a pretty normal day, except for the fact that we ate dinner at Dennys for the first time in a looonnnng time! The ones in Va are just bad, so we were hesitant to try one here. Thankfully, the resteraunt here was AMAZING, and their staff is really great! Kevin and I stuffed ourselves silly. Now we are fat and happy and ready for bed LOL
Tomorrow, Kevin is taking a course to get certified to operate the pontoon boats they have at the Marine Corps base, so we can take the in-laws out to the sandbar (the place we went 4th of July and Labor Day). We are really excited to show them how beautiful it is out there! Anyway, after the course, we are going to head down to the beach (not sure which one yet), and I'm going to get my bronze on, baby!
I hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend!!!

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