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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A whole year! *Part1*

*Because I have so many pictures I want to share, I will be breaking this post up into two parts, one today and one tomorrow!*

Yesterday marked one full year that we have been in the land of aloha! It has flown by, and so much has happened since we stepped off the plane. I decided to share our first year here in a few pictures, starting from day one :)

Goodbye, Virginia!!

Goofing off on the plane

I'm still mad this came out blurry. This is what we saw after we got off the plane

The nerd that I am, I snapped the first picture I could when we got outside

Goofing off in the hotel pool on our first full day here
The very first view we got of Hawaiian waters :)

Our first Waikiki sunset...beautiful!

Our next big adventure was getting a house to live in!!! We moved in almost exactly a month after we arrived here

I'm still in love with our house :)
 I also celebrated my 30th birthday here in Hawaii. Kevin took me to a luau!!!                                         
{a picture of a picture lol }

We took in our first Pro Surfing contest!

We also celebrated our first Thanksgiving and first Christmas not only in Hawaii, but as a married couple!

"Hank" the turkey...he was goooooooood!

Mele Kalikimaka from the Buzuleciu's!!

the babies being good and napping under the tree :)
 That brings us to 2011-- we started the year off right by exploring new beaches.....

Lanikai Beach is still my favorite beach on the island so far

 We even managed to make it to a football game!

We have gone on several dates, but here is a special date we went on for Valentines day....

In May, Kevins mom and his aunt came to visit!! Sadly, Kevin was still in the hospital, but he managed to get out of there and spend a full day with them before they had to leave...

In June, Kevin and I celebrated one year of marriage! For our anniversary, he got us a hotel room in Waikiki, and we had a lovely dinner at Top of Waikiki resteraunt!

The view from our room!

Right before dinner :)

The {rotating} resteraunt we ate at!

The beautiful gift Kevin got me.... I wear it all day every day :)

The gift I got him-- on the back of the watch it says " Kevin--The best husband in the world! Love, Jenn"
We also went to our first marriage retreat in July, which was super fun! Plus, Kevin suprised me with my Nikon D90 camera!!!

At the beginning of August (August 6th, to be exact), we added a new member to our family, Zeus!! He will be ten weeks old tomorrow, but here he is at 5 and a half weeks old!!

He has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Speaking of family, throughout our time here so far, we have continued to try to have a baby. In the past year we have both had numerous tests, and have even done an IUI, which was unsuccessful. We are hopeful that we will be able to add a human baby to our family soon, though!!! :)
At the end of August, I participated in my first 5K!

Oh yeah, Team Buzuleciu rocked it!!
I have many other pictures of other random things we have done over the past year that I want to share with you guys, so stay tuned for tomorrows post!!

I have to get up early (like 3am) for the 5K that I am volunteering for tomorrow, so I have to end todays post here :)

Come on back tomorrow for some more reminiscin', and photos from tomorrows event as well! :)

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  1. Great pics! I know y'all have had a lot of fun in Hawaii. Aren't you gonna miss the leaves changing in VA though?? I ♥ fall, it's my favorite! :P

    So proud of you for running in that 5K. You are awesome!