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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Kevin and I had a really fun, adventurous Labor Day! After Kevin got his hair cut this morning and I washed the S.S. Sebring, we loaded up the car with our snorkel gear, the cooler, and the cameras and headed down to the marine corps base to meet up with our friends for an afternoon of boating fun! We had a wonderful time just hanging out, chatting, snorkeling, and we even tried stand up paddleboarding, a really popular new sport here! I'm proud to say I didn't fall off! I'm proud of my balancing skills and my stronger core, which made it relatively easy for me! Kevin did a great job too, and didn't fall off his first time up either! I have some great pictures from today, but I will post them tomorrow, as I'm blogging from my phone on the way home :) All in all, it was a fabulous afternoon with some wonderful friends, and the best part is that none of us got sunburned this time! We were slathering on sunscreen like every hour though hehe
The rest of my evening belongs to Kevin, so I will have more for you guys tomorrow! We hope everyone had a great and safe Labor Day weekend!!
How was your Labor Day? Did you get outside and BBQ? Or go boating?
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