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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing catch-up

Sorry for my lack of blogging the last few days, friends! I just really didnt feel like being on the computer much. I did promise you guys pictures from the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers run last Sunday, so here ya go!!

Before the race

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The Patriot Guard bikes--they wrapped all the way around the corner-- they're super supportive!! Thanks, guys and gals!! :)

Aaaaannnnd they're off!!!! The middle shirtless kid came in 3rd!

This little guy was just waving the flag with such enthusiasm--I just had to capture it!!!

Leading the pack!

He came back up the hill first--amazing!!!

Gooooo #692!!! (Pssst...thats Kevin!) This was his first real run since the surgery and he came in at juuuuuust over 30 minutes--so proud of him!!! :)

This awesome guy had on a full ruck...and ran the whole thing! Outstanding job, sir!!! :)

These folks prove that teamwork conquers everything--they sang cadence and ran together the whole race!

Our friends the Alsup's!! Great run, guys!!!

I'm not sure why this photo rotated itself again. Anyway, there were SEVERAL local firefighters who ran this race in full gear to honor their brother Stephen Siller. I'm really proud of these guys!

Let me just say that it was really hot out that morning, and some of these guys ran this race in FULL GEAR. I'm amazed at these guys and gals, and what they do day in and day out. The race was a huge success, and Kevin and I were honored to be a part of this wonderful event!

On to current events!! Yesterday, I had an appointment with my PCM (primary care manager aka family doctor), who put in a referral to OB/GYN (so they can refer us to Reproductive Endocrinology), Orthopedics (for my dumb hip), and the spine doctor (to check my harrington rods and make sure they are still in place correctly). I did get some xrays of my hip that day as well. I took yesterday and this morning off from the gym because my hip was really bothering me. This afternoon, Kevin met with the ENT department to discuss his upcoming surgery. Yes, he will be having more surgery, probably in the January time frame after the unit has left for their deployment. I will talk more about that at another time though. I did make it to zumba class tonight, and while my hip was still sore, it wasnt unbearable and I made it through class just fine.

Tomorrow, I have step class in the morning, then some major housecleaning in the afternoon (and maybe some zumba thrown in there ;) )
Good night everybody!!!

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