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Friday, June 10, 2011

Anniversary present

I slept GREAT last night! I only got around 5-6 hours of sleep, but it was uninterrupted sleep. I woke up refreshed, energetic, and in a fabulous mood! I also kicked butt in step class this morning--I was on point with all of my steps and my brain was flowing really well!!!
After step class, we went down to the mall to continue shopping for each others' anniversary present! I'm having the hardest time finding a nice anniversary present for Kevin. I usually get him tools or video games, but I was hoping to avoid those for this occasion. It doesnt help that he has ordered me a very nice gift from Zales already too! I feel bad because I dont think that anything I get him will be as nice as what he got me, you know what I mean? Anyway, I looked around for a bit while Kevin was taking care of things at Zales. I didnt find anything for him, but I will be going back tomorrow by myself to browse several stores! I did go to Charlotte Russe and found a really cute dress to wear to dinner Sunday night!! There are 3 fabulous things about this dress-- 1) I found it on the sale rack, 2) it accentuates Kevins favorite body part on me, my booty, but flatters my small bust too!; and 3) its a size 2 and it fit perfectly! So what if it has a little bit of stretchy material (not all of it, but a little)-- I was PROUD of myself that it fit! Wait, theres one more fabulous thing: The final price was around 8 bucks, the original price was like 36 bucks....score!! I will definitely be going back in that store tomorrow to check out the other deals they have going on! I cant wait to wear it! After we did our mall shopping, I decided I wanted to go to zumba, so I got ready and went! We had a sub today for class, one that I have never seen before (and neither had the rest of the class, apparently). She was really good though, and I got a great workout!
Tomorrow I am going to the gym in the morning, then changing the oil in S.S.Sebring (yes, this was supposed to be done earlier this week, but we got busy and I'm a procrastinator--sue me) before heading down to the mall. For now though, I'm pretty darn tired so I am heading to bed! Good night everybody!

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