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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Between going to the gym twice yesterday (and using the weightroom) and doing yardwork, I am sore sore sore!! My legs were so stiff this morning when I woke up that I automatically decided not to go to spin class. So I had some breakfast and tinkered around on the interwebs until Kevin got up and we got ready to go to Tripler.
Kevin had his appointment with the endocrinologist today. This was the first time we had seen this particular doctor, and we really like him. Basically, Kevin is doing really well in his recovery, but his calcium is still a bit high. They want to keep an eye on his parathyroid glands as well. Right now, he is on non-deployable status and it will probably stay that way...for now. I dont want to get too happy about that because things could change really quickly. The doctor also mentioned a medical board, but he will not be recommending that at this time. Medical boards can be scary because the army can come back and say Kevin has to be medically retired. The doctor says he has plenty of patients with Kevins condition that have gone through, and passed, the medical board, so there isnt reason for alarm.  Kevin really wants to finish his 20 years. The doctor also told us about a place in Bethesda, Maryland called NIH (National Institutes of Health) that Kevin could be referred to if the docs here have exhausted all options and cannot figure out what is making his calcium rise. They would do about a weeks worth of tests, then Kevin would come home and wait for the results. If they need him further, he will go back out. Anyway, we shouldnt be to concerned right now, and things are getting better for him :)
The rest of our afternoon was really nice! We laid around and did absolutely nothing! We had a great dinner, and its almost bedtime :)
Tomorrow, I may or may not go to the gym (probably wont), depending on how my muscles feel. I will be doing the rest of the yardwork though :)

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