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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Habilitat Luau and some shopping!

Last night I got sick of my insomnia, so I took a super strong sleeping pill. I'm happy to say it allowed me to sleep all night without waking up once. I woke up groggy, but refreshed! This morning, Kevins co-worker Rob picked us up and we all headed to the windward side of the island to check out the Habilitat Luau! They had a silent auction, a live auction, entertainment, food, and even a bounce house for the kiddos! All of the proceeds go to Habilitat Hawaii, and its a great cause! You can read about the program here! Anyway, Kevin and I didnt bid on anything, but we had fun walking around :) After we ate and walked around some more, Kevin started not feeling well, so we headed home. While Kevin napped, I went down to Ross and got some cute stuff for our kitchen! I picked up a candleabra, a runner (which I'm putting on the island), a wine themed spoon rest, a new trivet, and some wall art that I will be putting in our bedroom! All for around 30 bucks! I wanted 78858846647 more things in the store but I had to practice discipline. I do love a bargain though :)
Tonight has been uneventful. Except for the smoothie incident. Allow me to explain: Kevin and I picked up some smoothie mix from the frozen section of the commissary the other day. I made the smoothies, and when I lifted the blender cup off of the blender, the cup wasnt screwed on all the way and the entire thing dumped all over the counter. Epic fail. We really wanted smoothies too. *sniff sniff*
Anyway, its been a pretty relaxing evening so far, even with this freaky storm going on outside! Its been thundering and lightning since like 4pm. We're gonna sleep good tonight!

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