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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump day Happenings

I didnt make it to kickboxing this morning :( I took an insanely effective sleeping pill last night and ended up sleeping for over 12 hours!!! When I did get up and get some breakfast, it was almost lunch time! I went with Kevin today so he could get some paperwork from his office. When he got there, we were informed that a paper we dropped off a month and a half ago didnt get up to the LTC's office like it should have. The paper was for Kevin dropping 2 classes upon finding out his surgery would be taking place right in the middle of the class term. If this paper is not turned in and signed by an LTC within a certain amount of time, Kevin would be responsible for paying for the classes--about 900 bucks. Yeah, we were annoyed that it got "lost". So we spent a few hours going to the education center, through the chain of command and finally getting it signed. It was a PITA.
Once we were finally done with that, I still had time to eat and go to step class. Step class actually sucked for me tonight because I didnt feel like I had normal energy. I got exhausted just 20 minutes into class. I stuck it out though, and I hope my workouts tomorrow are better!
Tomorrow, my plans are: zumba, cleaning of the house, oil change for my car, and zumba again tomorrow night! There are just a few short days until our anniversary, and I'm really looking forward to shutting off my phone and spending some uninterrupted, quality time with Kevin! Speaking of our anniversary, good old Facebook seems to think our anniversary is on the 11th, when both of our profiles say the 12th (the correct day). Crazy Facebook! I still cant believe a year has passed already--time sure flies! I really love being married to Kevin, and I become more in love with him with each passing day. We balance each other out, and I enjoy sharing my life with him :)

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