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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I just love homecoming ceremonies!

Okay, so apparently blogger is being dumb the last few days, because I wrote an entry last night and it didnt post--again.
Anyway, a couple of days ago, my friend Annie informed me that she wouldnt be able to take pictures at our friend Sarah's homecoming ceremony because her parents were flying in at almost the same time as the ceremony was to start. So she asked me if I would mind taking pictures using her Canon DSLR camera. I told her I would be happy to, and it gave me a chance to check out the DSLR side of photography. So I picked up the camera last night, and all morning this morning I read....and read....and read the manual so that I would have no problems at the homecoming (I was so worried that I would mess up Sarahs pictures). I had no reason to worry, though, because the pictures came out great!!! The homecoming ceremony lasted just a few short minutes, then the guys were released to their (very patiently) waiting families! Sarah took off and was finally reunited with her husband :) Yeah, I teared up a bit, but everything went by so fast, that I just focused on the photographs being taken!

*So a big WELCOME HOME to Joe and all of the other 2nd Brigade guys and gals who have trickled in over the last few weeks!!!!*

I just love homecomings! Anyway, after I was done taking pictures of the lovebirds, I headed home, grabbed Kevin, and went down to Things Remembered to pick up the anniversary gift I ordered for him. Without further ado, here it is!

This was the cover of the box it came in--I was so excited that I got to personalize that as well!!

Kevin has been wanting a nice watch.... so I got him one...

....and had it personalized as well! He really is the best husband in the world :-)
He LOVED it!!! It turned out perfect :)

Oh, I almost forgot! Yesterday, our entertainment center, coffee table, and one of the 2 end tables were delivered!!! After moving the furniture from the back room to the front room and back to the back room (like 3 times!!), we realized that we need bigger rooms, or that we bought one too many pieces of furniture! (insert sad face here.) So "little green", our loveseat, is now sitting in the front room, while "big green", the sofa, and the recliner are both in the back room where the entertainment center is. One of the walls is bare, but I got some matching stain for the bookshelf that houses our DVD's, so when that's done I will put it up against the side wall. Dont worry, I will decorate soon enough now that the rest of the furniture is here!! It won't be boring for long!!

Theres ALOT of entertainment center (I could swear it looked smaller in the store!!!) , so it kind of overpowers the room, but I am determined to fix it up nice and make all of the pieces work :)
So that was my day!!
Tomorrow, Kevin and I will be testing out our new snorkel gear @ Hanauma Bay!! This means I will hopefully (weather permitting), have some pictures for you guys tomorrow night!


  1. OH GOD, It was all I could do to keep from crying when my Hubby came home from Afghanistan last year. I don't know you took pictures!
    I'm the photographer in our family. Seriously, I have at least 3,000 pictures of the first year of my nephew's life. His mom probably only has a couple hundred. So, needless to say, there are no pictures of my Hubby's homecoming. Sad really. :(

    Blogger is always dumb if you ask me. I have to go through my facebook fan page for my blog just to sign in. It won't let me go directly to It says 404 Error.