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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A bad scare.

Sorry for the late post tonight! Around 130pm today, Kevin woke up from a little nap he was taking on the couch and said he was hungry. He then went to the kitchen and started doubling over in pain. Normally the pain passes after a few seconds, but this pain stayed...and got much worse. So much worse that Kevin said we should go to the emergency room. So I hauled ass down to Tripler as fast as I could. When we got there, Kevin got checked in quickly (quickly only after I had to get nasty with the staff. I wont go there. They were rude, and I stuck up for my husband.), and the docs got an IV started and immediately ran bloodwork. They also ordered a CT scan (what took up most of our time--he had to drink contrast fluid and wait 2 hours after he finished that before he could get the scan), put Kevin on some pain meds, and gave him something for his nausea (he threw up everything he ate today after we got to the ER). Long story short, Kevin had some fluid in his abdomen (which is normal for they type of surgery he had), some indigestion, and he is a little more backed up than he thought. We JUST got home from the hospital, and I am so glad it wasnt more serious. I originally thought it may be appendicitis, but his appendix looked normal! Ahhhhh, now I can get some sleep!
Tomorrow, I will be going to the gym for step class and zumba (twice)! I will post more tomorrow :)



  1. Oh man- as I read my first thoughts were about his appendix! I had simmilar pain when I was in the sixth grade and the school nurse thought my appendix was about to rupture, so I was rushed to the ER... long story short- it wasn't my appendix, but they had to do surgery and just removed it while they were in there.

    I hope he gets to feeling better and healin wuickly!