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Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, I didnt get the sleep I wanted to last night unfortunately. Kevins stomach was really bothering him overnight and I was up at 3am. I did make it to step class though, but 15 minutes into the workout the power went out in the gym! We had a pretty decent sized storm (well, for Hawaii) this morning, complete with torrential downpour, loud thunder, and crazy bouts of lightning! Since we had to stop our workout, I headed home to (hopefully) get some better rest. That also did not happen. I decided to do housework and run to the pharmacy for Kevin instead. I did make it to zumba class this afternoon since the power came back on, and I got a wonderful workout! Thankfully the old hip has been cooperating with me lately, which makes me smile!
Tomorrow Kevin and I are going to a charity luau with one of his co-workers. Apparently we are being picked up at 10am, so I will get some sleep in time! I have no other details other than we are going to the luau, but I will bring my camera and it should be fun!
I'm off to bed, my body is about to shut down y'all!!!!

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