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Friday, June 24, 2011


This post is going to be short because I only got 4 hours (maybe a little less) of sleep last night. It was due to insomnia and Kevins snoring :-/
Anyway, I forced myself to get up this morning and go to step class. I really look forward to Friday morning class, so I knew I would be frustrated with myself had I decided to just sleep in instead. I'm glad I went, I got an amazing workout, and I cooked up some energy to power me through my day! After the gym, Kevin and I went down to the North Shore, specifically a place called Ali'i Beach Park (the same park we saw the pro surfing competition back in November). It was nice and un-crowded, but the sun was blaring so we only stayed for about an hour. No, I dont have pictures because yes, I forgot my camera at home (say WHATTT?!?!?!?). When we got home, Kevin played his video game and I dozed off on the couch for about 45 minutes until Kevin woke me up. Grrr.
After watching our DVR'd episode of Swamp People and having low fat/low cal soft tacos, we are relaxing for the rest of the evening. I will be going to bed very soon though, I'm really tired! Tomorrow, I'm getting up rather early to head to the mall to get my wedding rings cleaned, prongs tightened, and replated. I'm really excited about this because they havent been in for service in like 9 months almost (they should be done every 6 months). Oh, and no gym for me in the morning! Sometimes its nice to take the day off :)

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