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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loca Loca Loca....

Sometimes I feel like thats me, for going to the gym more than once a day! This morning I went to the first zumba class, and my hip DID NOT co-operate (insert mad face here.). I made it through the class, but my hip stayed really stiff. Ugh.
Anyway, Kevin and I made our bi weekly commissary run, and spent way more money than we wanted to. I really need to get obsessed with coupons! We got what we needed and I proceeded to relax for a few hours to let my hip rest until it was time to go to the second zumba class of the day. My hip actually felt better and way less stiff, so I went to class. On Thursday evenings now, we have the same instructor as we do Monday nights, Megan. She's actually really great, and I look forward to going to her classes! Well, like Monday night, she wasnt there for some reason, so we had an instructor I have never seen before, Kelly. Kelly's routines are really easy to pick up, which is great, but they really arent insanely challenging, so I had to add more intensity in my steps. My hip (thankfully) co-operated during this class, and I felt pretty good afterwards! I did a quick tricep exercise after class and headed home. Tonight we are having pizza for dinner, and watching Swamp People! Dont ask us why, but we really love that show! Its our guilty obsession heehee :)
Tomorrow is Friday!!!!! I dont know why I'm excited about that!!!! I will be going to step class in the morning (yay!!), doing some yardwork if its nice, housework if its not, and maybe go to zumba in the afternoon. We will be clearing out the front room in preparation for the last part of our furniture to be delivered as well!! We have been using the back room (the one across from the kitchen area) as our "living room", but the new furniture really doesnt fit well, so we are moving our furniture to the front room, and using the back room for the Wii room! I'm excited to see how it will turn out!
Well, off to eat some delicious California Pizza Kitchen pizza! Goodnight folks!

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