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Monday, June 27, 2011


The main focus of my day, between the gym classes of course, was doin yard work! I was going to clean the bathrooms today, but my sweet husband took the liberty of cleaning them for me.... thanks lover!!! Anyway, I mowed the patch of grass next to the car, my front and side yard outside of the fence (which the landscapers are "supposed" to do but choose not to. They have been replaced from what I hear.), and our backyard. I also trimmed up against two of the fences, up against the driveway, and down the walkway, plus pulled the weeds outside of the fence. By the time I was done with that, I had developed a gross blister on my finger (eww), so I decided to stop for the day. I will trim up the front and the other part of the fence tomorrow after Kevins appointment. Before I went to zumba, I rested for a couple of hours this afternoon.
Zumba was awesome, as usual! She had like 3 new songs for us, so I was all kinds of lost!!! It was still an amazing workout, and pair that with the awesome workout I got at step class this morning and doing the yardwork (hey, thats alot of squatting and standing!), I am pretty tired! Bonus: I got a nice farmers tan while working in the yard today--yay me.
My dingbat self forgot to pull out something for dinner before I left for zumba, and Kevin had already left to take his coworker to the airport, so we had chinese food for dinner. Not the healthiest thing, I know, but thawing chicken would have taken forever and we would have eaten much later than we should be. It was pretty yummy!
Tomorrow, Kevin has a doc appointment in the early afternoon, so sadly I have to miss 1145 zumba class. I'm thinking about going to spin class for the first time in like 2 months though! Yeah, we'll see how that works out! If I dont go to spin, I will probably finish up the yard work (weather permitting!).

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  1. Yay spin class!! I haven't worked out in forever... I need to do something!

    I wish my husband would surprise me with cleaning the bathrooms :P